What you need to know about earthquakes and other potential dangers

In April 2020, the earthquake that killed more than 6,000 people struck Japan.

It was the worst in recorded history.

The damage was so severe that people began to seek refuge at a number of different places.

Many of the places had earthquake safety advisories and warnings.

However, it was still unclear if those advisories had been followed. 

The following month, a second quake hit Japan.

This time, the damage was more extensive.

The tsunami that followed also devastated much of the country.

Many people sought refuge at other places.


More articles The United States was also hit by the second quake, and many people continued to seek shelter.

However the United States did have earthquake advisories.

Some areas were in the path of the tsunami, which could have caused widespread damage, according to the United Nations.

In fact, some areas in the United Kingdom were able to return to normal after the tsunami.

The International Committee of the Red Cross did not offer a specific recommendation on evacuation, but they did recommend that those with a history of health problems and trauma should be taken to an evacuation centre. 

In Japan, people who had been to evacuation centres or received health advice were also advised to seek medical attention.

This did not apply to those who had not been to a medical centre.

The number of people who went to the tsunami evacuation centres was similar to the number of Japanese people who fled to other parts of the world in the wake of the earthquake.

In many places, such as Japan’s Sasebo prefecture, the evacuation centres were full. 

Although the United Nation’s Earthquake Emergency Task Force did not recommend that people seek evacuation, they did advise that people who were vulnerable to the earthquake should stay at home. 

There were other places in Japan where people could evacuate.

There were a number places in Kyoto where people had a designated evacuation centre, including a school, a mosque and an orphanage. 

However, the UN’s Emergency Committee did not specify where to go in order to evacuate. 

 The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) estimated that around 20 million people were likely to be in need of evacuation. 

At the time, many people were in areas that had not yet received evacuation advice.

In order to avoid a major disaster, many of these areas were evacuated. 

Many people who left their homes were unaware that they had left, and the government did not provide information on where to find shelter. 

Some people left their houses without even having been told where to look for shelter.

Many others did not have any information about where to seek help. 

After the earthquake, there were fears that people would return to their homes and start to rebuild.

However after the second earthquake, many areas were returned to normal. 

A few days after the first earthquake, the JMA estimated that about 1.8 million people in Japan had been affected by the earthquake and tsunami. 

According to a new report from the US Geological Survey, there are currently around 100,000 evacuees living in Tokyo.

However that number is expected to grow. 

As of September, around 300,000 had been relocated to safe locations, and around 60,000 to shelters. 

During the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, more than 20,000 of the people living in Fukushima prefecture were evacuated to shelters as a precaution. 

It was also announced that the Japan Meteorology Agency (Japan Meteorological Institute) would be providing the US with more data on the magnitude of the March earthquake. 

Source By Emily Gullickson-McBride

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