Why is there a ‘wild west’ of tourists in Chile?

On the second day of the tourist season in Chile, there is a “wild west” of tourism, says a report by a Chilean tourism institute. 

Tourism is booming in the capital Santiago, where the country’s most famous tourist attraction, the famous Copacabana beach, has attracted tens of thousands of tourists every year.

But the city’s hotels are struggling with the influx of tourists. 

The institute’s report, “Tourism: The Wild West”, warns that tourism in Chile is currently the most expensive in Latin America, and it has become a source of conflict between the government and tourists.

“There is an internal conflict between tourism and the government.

There are so many problems that can be solved by tourists, including: increasing social mobility, economic competitiveness, tourism, tourism-related services and economic competitiveness,” the report said. 

“The tourism sector must be allowed to survive and flourish as long as there are no political obstacles.”

Tourism Minister Carlos Carreon has promised to address the tourism crisis, including the need to boost tourism to keep Chile competitive, but it seems that he hasn’t heard the warnings from Chile’s tourism experts. 

One Chilean tourist, who asked to remain anonymous, told Fox News that the country has become “an oligarchy”, where the government controls the tourist industry and the tourists can’t travel without the permission of the government to do so. 

While the country does have a tourist industry, it is a small one, and only about 7% of Chileans visit the beaches each year, according to the Chile Tourism Institute.

“The government controls a big part of tourism.

They control the industry and they have the right to make decisions.

They can’t control everything,” the tourist said.

The institute said that in 2013, Chile’s economy contracted by 0.7% as a result of the downturn in the tourist sector. 

In the meantime, many Chilean tourists have been leaving Chile, according the institute.

Many Chileans have left the country to seek work abroad.

According to the institute, Chile has experienced a drop in tourism in recent years, and many Chileans who were already tourists have decided to leave. 

 Tourists from Chile, Argentina and Mexico are the main drivers of the economy, according Chile’s Tourism Minister, Carlos Carrer.

Despite this, Carrer said the tourism industry is growing in Chile. 

But the report also warned that Chile is facing problems with the government’s response to the crisis.

One of the problems is the lack of public transportation, and the problem of overcrowding, according Carrer, and he said the government is not doing enough to address overcrowding and that tourists are “trying to find alternative ways to travel”. 

“In terms of public transport, there are many problems with overcrowding.

In terms of the infrastructure, there’s a problem with the roads.

And then there are the security problems,” he said.

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