Why is the NSW Government still refusing to release information on its child protection laws?

On Monday, the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) released a document that lays out its policy for the release of information about the child protection system.

However, the document did not give any details about how the information would be obtained.

The department released the document under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in order to provide an update to its members about how it plans to improve access to child protection information.

The document is a draft of an “administrative order” that will govern how the department will release information in the future.

The draft order has been made available to media organisations under the Freedom of Access to Information Act.

Read more The draft order states: The department will not release the information in a manner that is likely to cause any offence or distress.

However the department may make available in a timely manner a summary or summary of the information it provides in the form of a briefing paper, which will be available for use in conjunction with the department’s ongoing training and monitoring activities.

In addition, the department is not required to make any information available to a third party for any reason.

What we know so far about the draft order: The document says that the department would release information “at its own discretion” but will “use the best information available” to make “an informed decision”.

“The department will ensure that the information will be made available for a period of at least six months, with no time limit for releasing the information,” the document states.

However, the draft document does not state whether the department can release the documents in any particular order or how long it will take.

“If the department determines that the material in the draft information is of a high degree of public interest, it may request that the relevant information be released to the public,” the draft states.

“Alternatively, the information may be released as an administrative notice, with an opportunity to submit objections, and a period within which to make such objections.”

The NSW Department for Education and Technology said it would not be releasing the draft of the document.

“The Department for Children and Families does not release any child protection data under FOIA,” the department said in a statement.

What can you do about it? “

The department has published guidance to provide guidance to its staff on how to comply with FOIA requests.”

What can you do about it?

If you have questions about the information you have received, contact the department on 1800 650 090.

You can also call the NSW Office of the Information Commissioner on 13 19 45 or the Information and Privacy Commissioner on 1300 136 222.

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