‘My name is’: ‘My mother’s name is!’ ABC News

The word ‘informational’ comes from the Latin word in-nun-ti, meaning “to introduce, inform, or inform by a name.”

It’s also the name of a poem by American poet John McGinnis that was published in 1863.

“I am a name I shall give to my children, I am the name they shall call me,” McGinnish wrote.

“And in the name I will make it my life’s work to make all men and women think of me as their father and mother.”

McGinniss was a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and he moved to New York City at the age of six.

McGinnisfein was born on May 12, 1864, and lived for the next four years in New York before moving to Philadelphia to be closer to his family.

“At the age when a child grows up, he learns a name and begins to name himself,” McGinvin wrote.

The name he chose, McGinninis, is the one his children call him.

It is also a name that McGinnisdomes children have come to call him, and it is one that McGinwinisdome is proud of.

“They are proud of it.

I am proud of being called McGinn,” McGindillis said.

McGinis also has written poems about life, including “The Life of the West,” which he wrote in 1875.

It was published under the pen name “W.C. Williams.”

The poem was written while McGinnislis was in jail and was about his experiences in the United States.

McGlinis’ first novel, The Story of My Life, was published a few years later, and was later adapted into a play.

He also published an autobiography, the memoir I’ll Never Leave My Home, in 1977.

McGintillis is also the author of a number of novels including the short story “Innocence” and the short fiction “The Man Who Went to the Bridge” and “The Lady Who Was Too Late.”

In addition, McGintinis published a number novellas including “A Girl’s Story,” “I Was Born a Boy,” and “In the Valley of the Wind.”

In 2013, he won the National Book Award for his work as a writer and the National Novel Award for “The Name I Remember.”

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