How the tech sector is fighting the spread of antibiotic resistance

The US healthcare system is now being overwhelmed by the spread and spread of superbugs, and the US military is deploying an arsenal of antibiotics to combat the epidemic, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

The Pentagon’s Strategic Command, which oversees the Pentagon’s entire military, announced that the military would deploy a new type of antibiotic called the “smart drug” for the first time to its soldiers and contractors.

The drug is expected to be deployed within two weeks, the officials said.

The move follows a call by the US government for the pharmaceutical industry to deploy the new antibiotic for soldiers and civilians who have been exposed to it.

The military has deployed the drug for soldiers for a decade, but only in recent years has it become an option for civilians.

The deployment follows months of pressure by healthcare providers and healthcare experts to deploy smart drugs, and comes after President Donald Trump’s administration announced last week that it will be introducing new restrictions on who can use the drugs.

But the Pentagon did not announce the new drug’s availability or how it would be administered, saying it would remain classified until after the government approves the drug.

It said the drug was meant to help soldiers deal with infection.

“We are working to find a way to use this drug for our soldiers, but this will take time,” a Pentagon official said.

“This drug is meant for the military to protect our troops and protect our nation.”

The drug will be administered by the military’s Global Supply Chain and Security Team, which is responsible for coordinating with pharmaceutical companies.

“It is the Army’s goal to ensure that the drug can be delivered safely and effectively to the soldiers, contractors, and our military communities,” the Pentagon official added.

“As we look for ways to provide this drug to our soldiers and our contractors, we are also working with industry to help ensure the appropriate safety protocols are in place to ensure we get the most effective drug for the soldiers.”

A spokesman for Pfizer, the drugmaker behind the drug, said it had no comment on the Pentagon announcement.

The new drug is one of the first to be tested in humans by the army, which has been using it for about a year.

Pfizer said the use of the drug is designed to help combat the spread, which the military is worried about because it has not been able to use a better antibiotic for the war on drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry is now trying to develop new antibiotics that are more effective and safer, including one that will be made available by the FDA, Pfizer said in a statement.


Thomas O’Keefe, a special operations soldier from the 2nd Infantry Division, said he was “truly excited” to receive the drug in the mail.

“The drug has saved me from an infection and made me feel better, and now I’m back to my usual job,” O’Keefe, of Parma, Pennsylvania, said in an email to Reuters.

“I am confident it will help my platoon get back to work and make sure they’re doing the right thing by their own troops.”

The use of smart drugs has become a hot topic for healthcare providers, as the US healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have been facing criticism for their lack of response to the spread.

More than 40 percent of the US population is infected with the bacteria that causes superbugs like CRE-B, which causes pneumonia and is deadly in about 20 percent of patients.

The World Health Organization has warned that the spread could lead to a worldwide pandemic and called for swift action to stop the spread as soon as possible.

More:The US military said it will use the drug to fight the spread for soldiers who have come into contact with the bacterium.

“Our military’s global supply chain and security team is actively developing smart drugs for use by the Army, which will be available within two days,” a spokesman for the US Army told Reuters.

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