What are the key differences between a class and a project?

Students have a lot of options for building learning experiences.

They can build a project and present it to a group of friends.

Or they can create a class.

Or, they can write an essay.

But a class can be as much about getting your classmates to share what you’re learning as it is about getting them to share it with you.

The first class you create is the one you’ll be building the next.

You’ll create a classroom where your classmates can learn together, or maybe a class for those of you who aren’t at your school.

That way, the students can come to you, not you to them.

Or at least, not as often.

You can build your class with a mix of groups, groups that are a mix between students, and groups that don’t.

The students in a class you’ve built can talk about their own experiences, or you can listen to the students talk about theirs.

Or both.

Or you can focus on the experience of the students, or the experience itself.

Or maybe you’ll create an online course for everyone in the class to watch, as you’d like, if you’ve chosen a different option.

A class can even be a self-directed activity.

In class, the class you’re creating is your classroom.

The class can focus, say, on the student who was just finished their first assignment, or how the class is doing with its last assignment.

Or it can be a series of videos that focus on different parts of the class.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this.

But the point is that it is possible to create a space where the students have the opportunity to share their own stories.

It’s also possible to have students share their stories with each other.

The question is whether the students are willing to share that space, and what’s involved in making sure they’re doing that.

In some cases, the answer is obvious: The students don’t have to.

They’re free to come and share their experiences with each others, and the rest of the group doesn’t have a choice.

But in other cases, you may want to think about the students’ needs before you build the space.

You might want to consider whether the class needs a safe space for students to share, or whether the group can find a safe place for them to hang out.

A safe space is a space in which everyone can feel safe, and where people feel comfortable sharing what they’re learning.

Safe spaces can also include physical barriers, such as desks and lockers, and there’s no set rule about which of these are best for the students in the classroom.

For example, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a wall separating the class and the group of peers in the room, or a door separating the students from the group that might be a little larger than the space they’re in.

The point is: The space you build can be an opportunity for learning.

In fact, the more you build a space, the safer it becomes for everyone, including the students.

What are some of the best ways to create safe spaces?

Here are some ways to start building a safe room: Use the classroom space as a place to talk about the project or class.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to use as a classroom, the most effective way to build a safe environment for students is to focus on what they need from the class, rather than what’s in the school building.

For the students who need to share the most, you’ll want to create something that’s easy for them.

You may choose a place where they can hang out with friends.

You could choose a group or group of people you’ve invited in to sit together, so you can invite them in for drinks or snacks.

You have other options.

Some of these may be easy enough that they might not be worth building a space for, and others may require a different kind of space than the class room, so it might be more appropriate to create an open space.

A classroom isn’t a safe haven.

It isn’t something that everyone has to share.

And it isn’t necessarily the best place to find that sharing.

But it’s a place for sharing that is accessible to all.

You’re building a classroom to build learning, and that learning is a shared experience.

The classroom is a place in which the students learn, not just the people in the group.

It can be the place where the classroom is the most safe for everyone.

If the students need to be separated, you can build the class in a space that allows them to have a space to share those experiences.

You don’t need to build that space in the middle of the day.

If a space is set up for that purpose, the room can be open all day, with a safe spot for people to hangout.

If it’s not, it can still be a safe learning space.

But if it’s too crowded to have enough space, it’s better to

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