How to be informed about the privacy of your personal information

Irish people have a right to know what information is being collected about them in order to protect their privacy, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

Key points:Information is collected under Irish law but privacy can be challenged under EU law and in international lawAs a result, the court said in its judgement on a case brought by a man who was asked to share information about his medical conditions with his wife when he became ill.

The ruling was handed down on Thursday after a hearing in the European court of human rights, where the Irish government is represented.

The European Court said the law on the matter was confusing, inconsistent and not transparent and that the courts should make clear to the public the extent of the powers of the state to obtain information on them.

The case arose in the context of a law which was in force when the couple became ill, which required that information on a person’s health be recorded in a national register.

The man’s wife, who also had a medical condition, was also asked to hand over personal data about him, including a photo of her and a photograph of the man.

The court said the husband had a right under Irish privacy law to access the data, but that it was not clear what he had to do to get it.

The woman had a further right under EU privacy law, which the court did not elaborate on.

The Irish government, which was asked by the man to take action to comply with the court’s ruling, argued that the woman had the right to object to the sharing of the information.

In its judgement, the Irish High Court ruled that the man had a valid right to access information under EU data protection law.

In addition, the man was a citizen of Ireland and a member of the Irish National Assembly and was entitled to a hearing on the case before the court.

It also noted that the case involved a very narrow and specific issue of national security and was about “information relating to an individual’s physical or mental health, and related to the exercise of a right of access to information”.

It added that the Irish law on data protection was not uniform and did not cover other aspects of national law.

It added: “As the Court has noted, the provisions of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive are not always harmonised.

The Commission’s interpretation of the Directive is not always clear to courts.”

In addition to the court ruling, the government of the Republic of Ireland is also considering the case and has asked for a hearing.

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