Students use their smartphones to learn about the tech industry, in-person, from the comfort of their homes

Mashable, student information systems,information technologies careers,Informational Influence,Graduation,Digital skills and technology for students article Student InfoSystems (SIS) is an informal network of graduate students working together to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas.

Students use the app to access and search information about the information technology industry, as well as work together on projects and projects to develop a digital career. 

Students are also able to post and share their ideas, videos, and other content on the app. 

The company recently opened a new office in San Francisco, and plans to open an expanded branch in Boston, Philadelphia, and elsewhere. 

In an interview with Mashable in September, SIS cofounder and CEO Julie Wray said that the company is building an online learning platform that will allow students to learn online through videos, podcasts, videos of other students, and social media posts. 

According to the company, the app allows students to work collaboratively and collaborate to share and collaborate with others to solve problems or achieve goals. 

Wray said that the company’s platform will allow for students to share their own experiences, ideas, and videos. 

“The app is about helping graduate students learn from one another and share the knowledge they learn,” Way said. 

SIS will also be partnering with the National Learning Network, which will host a training event in Boston, which will allow students who have already completed their degree to learn more about the company’s digital skills. 

When asked about the future of the SIT, Wray told Mashable that the company is evaluating the future of its platform. 

She said that SITS goal is to be an inclusive and supportive environment where students can connect with and build community, and to create an unmatched platform for students. 

 As part of the app, students can also share their knowledge with each other, and share video and audio clips of their own learning. 

This is not the first time that students have taken advantage of the platform to share information with each others. 

On February 13, a student at Boeing University received a call from the US President’s Office asking for advice about the new US Federal education recall program. 

As Mashable notes, the request came from Bureau of Education and Records which has received over a million records from the Federal Government. While the recalls are a complicated process, BET reports that over 500,000 students received information from the process, and more than 100,000 records were returned. 

Although SIST was created to improve student learning and improve student experience, WRAY said the idea behind the app was to help students learn through a social network that has been built on the existing Internet. 

What do you think about SIST’s new office and digital learning platform?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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