Which TV shows are your favorite?

By now, you’re probably wondering what you should watch for in the fall.

We’ve compiled our picks below.

We’ve narrowed down the TV shows that will get the most attention in October.

But, be warned: these aren’t necessarily the best TV shows or movies of the year, nor should you necessarily get excited about all the best shows and movies of fall.

What you’ll find here is the best stuff we’ve picked, with some extra info.

The most popular TV shows of fall, in order of most-watched to least-watches:Battlestar Galactica (10.5 million): The show, which premiered this fall on CBS, stars Katee Sackhoff as Captain Philippa Georgiou, a female Space Trooper who becomes the star of the first series of Battlestar.

The show is set during the reign of Admiral James T. Kirk, and stars the actress as the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise-D, which is based on the Star Trek franchise.

(It will also feature a new Captain Gabriel Lorca, who’s set to play the new character of Lieutenant Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek: Discovery.)

The show will also have a spinoff, The Raza, which was canceled before the season.

The series stars John Carroll Lynch as Raza.

(You’ll also be seeing an entirely new cast in the new season.)

The series is produced by CBS Television Studios and will be streamed exclusively through CBS All Access.

(The network’s new standalone streaming service, CBS AllAccess Now, will be launched this fall.)

This series of two-hour episodes has been hailed as one of the best series in the history of Battleship.

The characters of Raza and Lorca are played by actors like Ashley Judd, John Cho, and Katee Siegel.

(Lynch, who will play Lorca in the spinoff Raza: Raza) (The show was written by series creator Chris Carter, who also wrote the pilot for Battlestars Galacticas.)

(The series is set to premiere later this fall, on CBS.)

The new series, which will star Jennifer Carpenter and is set for a 2019 debut, has a cast that includes Amanda Conner as the main character, and newcomer John Cho as Lt.

Commander Raza Raza’s younger sister, who is played by Amanda Seyfried.

The new show is created by Carter, writer Michael Ausiello, and executive producer John Carroll, and the pilot is based in part on the classic Battlestarts movie.

The new show also stars Amanda Seayfried, Jason Lee, Sarah Shahi, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

(Ferguson will also be reprising his role as Lt Commander Razz.)

The new series was written and directed by Carter and executive produced by Ausielli.

The series of three-hour episode is set in the 24th century.

The Razz crew is made up of the commander, captain, and first officer, and includes Lt.

Razz’s younger daughter, Commander Ruzak, and a captain’s assistant.

(They’ll also have the ability to communicate telepathically.)

This is a series of six episodes, with the final one to air in 2020.

(Carter is executive producing with Ausiell and Ausielly.)

The series has a stellar ensemble cast that also includes Sarah Shahipour, John Carroll (the voice of James T., and one of my favorite actors in the series), and Amanda Selyfried (the first female Space Pilot).

(The pilot is set up in the future, but Carter is set on setting the show in the past.)

(Watch the trailer here.)

The Razz is set at the end of the 25th century, when Captain Razz and Lt.

Lorca have been promoted to officers, but Lorca is still in command.

She’s also a powerful and ruthless woman who is very popular in the Federation.

The only way to end her reign is to take her ship, the Raza-Raza, and set it on a collision course with Earth.

It will be the first time Lorca has been on Earth in a Federation vessel.

The Raza is a sleek spaceship that’s designed to travel at speeds faster than light.

It can travel between planets at warp speeds.

(To be fair, this ship will be much more maneuverable than the Battlestarters Galactiques.)

The Razas are equipped with a wide array of weapons and technology.

(I am very excited for the show, because it is a lot of fun.)

The first episode of the new series is titled “The First Ship.”

The series will be set in a time when Earth has been conquered by aliens.

This alien invasion is called “The Second Ship.”

The Razases will be fighting an alien race called the “Lazarians.”

This alien race is named for its long neck, which it uses to attack ships.

The second episode will also include an appearance by the first new

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