What you need to know about protecting your health information

The government has unveiled a new law to protect the privacy of Canadians’ health information.

It’s part of a wider initiative to make sure all Canadians are getting their health information treated with care and protection.

The bill, introduced Monday by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, is one of several measures introduced under the Liberals’ new “open and transparent” government.

It includes a new system for sharing health information between health agencies and medical practitioners, as well as a new program that will offer financial incentives for health-care providers to keep their data private.

The new legislation has been called “the biggest privacy reform of Canada’s history,” and critics have called it a big step backward for privacy.

The government says the bill will make health-related information more accessible, transparent and secure.

The legislation includes a framework to set out information security requirements for health information shared across health-associated entities.

It also makes it easier for health organizations to share health information and to share it with other health-affiliated entities.

Under the legislation, health-health data is defined as the information related to a health condition or health care activity that a person has received.

This includes information about a person’s medication, diagnosis, treatment or symptoms.

The law requires health-facility operators to retain the data for at least five years and is aimed at improving the safety of health information by increasing the security of the information and ensuring that health information is kept up-to-date and is used in accordance with privacy laws.

“Health information is the information of health, that is how it is used,” said Goodale in a news release.

“In Canada, people rely on their health-services providers for the most basic health information that they need to make their health care decisions.”

The legislation will also provide greater financial incentives to providers to share information with other entities.

The Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Nurses Association and other organizations have raised concerns about the bill, saying the new rules will make it more difficult for health care providers to maintain privacy and safeguard health information at the same time.

“I’m concerned that there is not enough information in the new legislation to make this information accessible and secure for all Canadians,” said Dr. Joanne O’Toole, a senior policy analyst with the Canadian Medical Protective Association.

“This is a major step backward in terms of our privacy and protection,” said O’Moretti.

“It is not clear that the proposed measures are going to provide much protection to health information.”

Goodale has also said the bill would require the Canadian Association of Health Information Commissioners to issue a report on health-based access to health care information by the end of 2019.

That report would detail how the legislation will improve access to information for health professionals and ensure the privacy and security of information is maintained.

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