The Yale students who think it’s okay to talk about rape and assault at Yale

Yale students are sharing their experiences with sexual assault on campus with a hashtag, #YaleRapeAndAssault.

“Rape and sexual assault are very serious and they are a serious problem on our campus,” said Lauren Schumann, a junior at Yale, in an email to BuzzFeed News.

“This is not the kind of conversation we would have had if we had not been students.”

Schumann’s friend and fellow Yale student Emily O’Leary shared similar feelings about rape culture on her own campus.

“It is not okay to joke about it,” O’Brien said.

“I feel like that is really disrespectful and I feel like it is really hurting the people who are actually affected.”

In an email exchange with BuzzFeed News, Schumann added: It’s really important that we start taking care of our own mental health.

We are students and not adults and it’s important to be accountable for our own actions and our own words.

The Yale women who spoke to BuzzFeed shared their own experiences with rape culture and the culture of silence around sexual assault, particularly on campus.

One student said she was assaulted by a male classmate in her first year of college.

She was drunk at a party and then later told by a student who was watching the party that she had a lot of trouble with him.

He pushed her onto the floor and attempted to kiss her on the mouth.

Another student described how she was raped by a fellow student who had already committed suicide after the assault.

She told BuzzFeed News she had not reported it at the time.

The women all said they were not afraid to share their experiences in order to raise awareness about rape on campus and about the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses.

O’Boyle, who described herself as a rape survivor, said she found it especially difficult to speak out because she was afraid of what might happen to her or her friends.


Boyle said she knew that there was a stigma attached to speaking out about rape.

“Because I was raped, I felt like it would hurt the person who raped me or who assaulted me more,” she said.

Obeah’s story was even more personal because she had been sexually assaulted by her then-boyfriend.

She had initially reported the incident to the Yale Police Department, but it was not until she filed a report with the campus police department in 2015 that she received a response from the school.

She said she shared the story with the school administration because she felt the school had failed her.

Obey said that she was also afraid to speak up because of the stigma attached.

“We have to be careful that we do not hurt the people we want to be supportive of, like our peers,” she told BuzzFeed.

“If I’m not being supportive of someone or they’re not being supporting me, I feel very uncomfortable.

I’m so angry that they are doing this to us.”

One woman who told BuzzFeed she had experienced sexual assault as a student on the Yale campus said that when she shared her experience with the university police, she was initially told by administrators that she would not be allowed to report the incident.

“There was a general tone that it was something you had to be aware of, it was your responsibility, and it was going to cost you,” she recalled.

But the women who told the BuzzFeed News stories said that while it was very important to protect the feelings of survivors, it is also important to speak about the experiences of other survivors and to raise the issue of how the university can better protect them from their own sexual assault.

“People are really struggling with the question of how to say that we have been assaulted or that we don’t, and we should,” Obea told BuzzFeed New.

“When you are speaking up, you are showing that you are a survivor and you are doing the right thing.”

The students who spoke about the hashtag, which is trending on Twitter, said they also wanted to raise some awareness about how to respond to rape culture at the university.

One of the women, who did not want to give her name out of fear of repercussions from the university, said that in her experience, the university administration has not been supportive.

“They have said, ‘You don’t have to do anything about it, it’s your decision, it happens to all of us,'” she said, adding that the administration has been more than supportive of survivors.

Obyd said that the university has been supportive of students who report sexual assault but that she did not see that as an ideal situation.

“The administration at Yale seems to be very open about the issue and supportive of victims and survivors,” Obydo said.

In the email exchange, Schmieder also shared her own experiences of sexual assault at the Yale school.

“After having been raped, the worst thing that happened to me was the way that I was treated,” she wrote.

“In the end, I was not even offered the option of going

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