How to manage a data breach in an emergency

With the threat of a data loss rising, the federal government is taking measures to protect your sensitive information.

ABC News asked experts and government officials how to best manage a breach. 

“There are different approaches to dealing with breaches, but the general rule is to be aware of them,” said Richard H. Shaver, chief information officer with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 

Hacker attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, with more than 100 attacks being reported in the past 12 months, and more than 4,000 cyberattacks are being detected every day. 

But cyberattacks aren’t the only way to compromise sensitive information, said Dan Luebke, an associate professor of computer science at Stanford University and a security consultant. 

It’s also possible to compromise the network by downloading malicious software, he said. 

Luebkes advice to governments and business users: “Be aware of all threats, and use appropriate security measures to mitigate those risks.” 

Luesberke said companies and governments should keep in mind that a cyberattack can happen in any situation.

“If your network goes down, your phone is stolen, you lose data,” he said, “so you don’t want to let the security risk go unchecked.” 

The threat of data loss isn’t a new phenomenon, experts say. 

A 2008 study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that hackers were using various means to gain access to computers. 

For instance, attackers could gain access through a network of servers that are running malware, and then the attacker could steal information by installing malware on those servers. 

In other cases, hackers could infect a system through a phishing scam. 

While cyberattacks have increased in recent years, they still represent a small percentage of the total cyberattacks that are happening, Shaver said. 

 “We’ve got more than 8 million cyberattacks,” he added. 

Cyberattacks aren’ t the only reason that the Federal Government has to keep a close eye on cybersecurity, Lueberke added.

It also relies on federal government agencies to protect government agencies from cyberattacks. 

With so many threats, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do to protect yourself, Shavers advice to government users. 

Read more: Read this story to get more information on cybersecurity.

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