Why the FBI and the Department of Justice have been so secretive about the ‘agencies’ role in the Trump dossier

The FBI and Department of State have been unable to provide public details about their involvement in the Steele dossier, a document that was reportedly written by a former British spy who had worked with the Trump campaign.

The Wall Street Journal has obtained documents from the Department’s Office of Inspector General, which oversees the FBI, that detail the bureau’s efforts to protect the source of the dossier.

The documents were obtained by Buzzfeed, which first reported on the memos in February.

The Justice Department and FBI declined to comment on the documents.

The memos show the FBI sought to protect its source, a British spy named Christopher Steele, when he wrote the dossier, which detailed alleged ties between Trump and Russia.

The FBI has previously acknowledged that the FBI tried to have Steele removed from the dossier and that it was ultimately unsuccessful.

According to the documents, the bureau provided a copy of the document to the Justice Department, which is overseeing the case.

But the FBI declined comment on its role in Steele’s dossier.

The document also indicates that the DOJ attempted to get the FBI to delete portions of the memo. “

We believe that it may be inadmissible at trial because of the FBI’s failure to protect Steele from unauthorized disclosure,” the document states.

The document also indicates that the DOJ attempted to get the FBI to delete portions of the memo.

“To be clear, the FBI did not provide the DOJ any information concerning the source or content of the report,” it states.

“In fact, the DOJ asked the FBI not to share any information pertaining to the source with any other federal or state law enforcement agency.”

It’s unclear whether the FBI shared any information with the DOJ, which ultimately did not have a role in its decision to release the dossier to the public.

The DOJ said it would not comment on whether the agency sought the removal of Steele from the document, and it is unclear whether Steele’s name appears in the document.

The dossier was first published in early February by BuzzFeed, which reported that Steele was the author of the information and had compiled it as a favor to the Trump administration.

BuzzFeed said it received the information from an unnamed former British intelligence official, who had access to the dossier before it was published.

Steele was also described in the dossier as a “possible Russian asset” who was part of the Kremlin’s “unmasking” program.

The president has repeatedly denied the allegations and has suggested that Russia had been trying to influence the 2016 election.

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