The ‘biggest and most important’ story in the world in 2017

When I think of the big stories in 2017, I think about the story of Canada.

It was one of the biggest stories in the United States.

But when I think back to the year that we had to deal with the death of Stephen Harper, the election of Donald Trump, and the Brexit vote, I see that as a turning point.

Canada was hit harder than many other countries.

But we had a chance to make the biggest impact on the world stage.

We had the chance to be a beacon of democracy and to lead the world.

What happened in 2017 has changed the trajectory of Canada and our role as a global leader.

I think that we were able to turn that corner.

The world is watching and I think we were one of many countries who have done our best to make sure that this happens again.

The next steps will be many, many steps, and I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the world, a new era in Canada’s role in the global community.

This is a story about a story, and this is a special time in Canadian history.

It’s a story of change, and change is something that has never been more important.

Canada’s Global Leadership Summit will take place on June 15, in Calgary, Alberta.

The event will include a keynote address by Canada’s top diplomat, John Baird, followed by an open-air forum.

Here’s what you need to know about it. 1.

The Global Leadership Conference is taking place in Calgary this year.

It will include an open debate on climate change, as well as an introduction by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and a keynote speech by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.


The summit will be held on June 14-16, in Toronto, where Canada’s cabinet ministers will gather for the first time.


The Conservative government is hosting the summit in Calgary.


Canada will host the first Global Leadership Forum in 2019, a meeting to promote the global agenda.


Canada has hosted a number of events to showcase its global leadership, including the 2020 Summit on Climate Change and the 2020 Global Leadership Meeting.


The Prime Minister will also attend the 2018 Global Leadership Expo, which has been billed as a showcase of the Canadian economy and leadership.


A number of Canadian companies have also hosted meetings at the event.


Canada is also hosting the 2018 International Women’s Forum, which will be hosted in 2019.


The 2018 summit has been dubbed the ‘Canada 2020 Summit.’


The 2019 summit is expected to attract as many as 10,000 participants.

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