Which QB will lead the NFL in passing efficiency for the season?

The next generation of quarterbacks is on the way.

And the next generation is already here.

It’s the NFL’s passing efficiency, or efficiency in converting a few possessions into a few touchdowns, a stat that is measured in yards per attempt.

There are four different metrics that are used to determine how good quarterbacks are.

They’re yards per completion, yards per rush, yards of rushing and yards of passing.

They can all be broken down in a few different ways.

One of the most common, yards after contact, or yards after the catch, is a measure of the number of yards after a quarterback makes a catch that results in a first down.

This is the most important stat in measuring a quarterback’s success.

The quarterback will be judged on how many yards he converts after making a catch, whether he completes passes or doesn’t, and whether he makes the right throws.

Here are the top 20 passers in the league in both the yards after catch and yards after passing: Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts, 819.1 yards per game.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, 809.8.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, 808.6.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers, 806.8, Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers, 805.4.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots, 804.6, Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens, 803.7.

Eli Manning, New York Giants, 802.4, Cam Newton.

Source: ESPN Stats & Info

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