‘Not to be trifled with’: Juventus fans’ anger over Chilis food

More than 100 fans took to the streets of the city of Turin on Saturday to protest against a recent change in the policy governing the sale of Chilises, and demanded that the club return to its roots.

“This is not a good day,” said a supporter in the city’s Piazza di Turin.

“They have given away a lot, so why should we not have the right to eat something else?”

We want to eat, we want to enjoy, we don’t want to be told we have to buy something else.

“The club, owned by the Roman family, has been criticised in recent years for giving away its prized Chilís in a bid to improve its commercial prospects.

The annual auction of Chillis, which is held at the end of each season, ends on Sunday, and is thought to be one of the last occasions that the product is available in stores in Italy.”

I am a fan of Juventus and I will never go to Turin again,” another supporter said.”

Chilis are the only food that we will never have.

“The issue was brought to the attention of Juventus president Beppe Marotta, who in an interview with a local newspaper said he was “very disappointed” that the sale had been postponed.”

But Turin’s mayor, Silvio Berlusconi, has dismissed the claim.””

This will have a profound impact on the future of the team and the city.”

But Turin’s mayor, Silvio Berlusconi, has dismissed the claim.

“When the sale was postponed it was because of a shortage of funds,” Berlusco said.”[It] is a good news, and the price will be increased when we have funds available.”

He added that the city was in “total shock” and that he would “not let the club be trampled” by the sale.

In a statement, the club said that the decision to postpone the auction had been made following a “long and thorough” investigation into the issue.

“The owners have asked the courts to make an assessment of the legal aspects of the case, as we do not have a firm legal position, and we will soon announce the results of that,” the statement said.

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