How to ask for help if you need it, says the coach of the Canadian men’s national team

The coach of Canada’s men’s hockey team says it’s a great time to ask if you’re going to need help.

John Tortorella said on CBC’s Power & Jam this morning that the new, mandatory health-care information protocol was a step in the right direction.

“I think that’s good,” Tortorello said.

“I think the whole system has to improve.”

The protocol is aimed at improving the health of the players and their families, as well as keeping their families informed about the state of their health.

The players are required to sign a declaration that outlines the symptoms they’re experiencing, including fever, muscle pain, muscle weakness and joint stiffness.

The protocol also says that they are expected to get regular physicals, take part in physical therapy and be prescribed antibiotics if they need it.

The World Cup of Hockey, which runs through July 1, is held in Montreal and Ottawa.

It will be played in the Canadian Tire Centre in Toronto.

Tortorello, who also coaches the national women’s team, said he has no doubt the protocol will work.

“This is going to work,” he said.

“In our group, we all have our own personal experiences with that, and we all know that if you want to be a good hockey player, you’re not going to be happy unless you get the right things.”

You’re going not be happy if you get nothing.

So I think we’re all just going to have to be patient.

“Tortoreso added that players were in a unique position with this protocol.”

So you’re basically talking about a person, you know, with no experience, who is just kind of going through the motions.””

They have very little information.

So you’re basically talking about a person, you know, with no experience, who is just kind of going through the motions.”

He said that while he was in the NHL, the players were aware of the protocol.

But he also acknowledged that players are not going out and asking for help.

“There’s a lot of players that want to help,” Tortoreso said.

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