How to avoid a PR disaster as an energy informer

By Mark Sisson, CNNMoney EditorThe story of how an energy company was caught lying to investors and consumers about its coal ash storage technology is emblematic of the kind of trouble that can crop up when big companies try to hide behind “independent” information.

Last year, energy company Exelon was caught red-handed lying to its investors and customers about the technology it was developing to store and use the dirtiest of fossil fuels: coal ash.

The company’s chief executive officer, Mike Clements, was fired by his predecessor.

The story has prompted the Securities and Exchange Commission to hold a hearing on the matter, which the agency is scheduled to hold on Tuesday.

“They told investors, ‘We’ve got the technology, and you can invest in Exelons’ shares,'” said David L. Smith, a professor at Harvard Business School who studies the relationship between companies and investors.

“The implication is, ‘Oh, you’re just going to take Exelones shares and put it in your retirement account.’

They didn’t tell investors that it’s a huge financial risk.”

The story has generated much criticism on the left and the right, and led to accusations that Exelion’s investors are big fossil fuel corporations trying to cheat the public.

The public, of course, should know how much risk they’re taking.

And the SEC, in its decision to hold the hearing, said Exelonia’s investors should know too.

The SEC, however, also said the public shouldn’t be misled about what the company’s shares are worth, because the value of the shares is unknown and the company has yet to reveal the value.

The issue, experts say, is that Exels coal ash is not really coal.

The energy company is actually storing the dirtier part of the fossil fuel that comes out of burning fossil fuels.

So the value is in the dirt.

The company has said the dirt is being stored at a “supercritical pressure” at temperatures of between 5500 and 6500 degrees Fahrenheit, a level that would melt coal and cause significant amounts of carbon dioxide to flow into the atmosphere.

But that doesn’t tell us what the coal is really worth, experts and regulators say.

The technology is not a new concept.

The technology has been around for a long time.

It has been used in nuclear power plants and oil refineries to keep coal from burning.

And it is an important part of energy storage because it can help keep the carbon in the atmosphere from flowing into the oceans.

But it has never been used as an asset, and Exelonics’ use of the technology was one of the first to raise the alarm.

The problem with the technology is that the company is not only selling coal ash for storage but also for other purposes, according to industry experts.

That’s why Exelonts coal ash has been sold to the oil and gas industry.

It is a “low-carbon” resource that can be used for both storage and for other uses.

“We can’t go into a new technology and tell you that you have a carbon footprint,” said Scott Weingarten, president and CEO of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a public interest law firm.

“We can tell you how much carbon dioxide you’re taking into the air.

But there’s no information that tells us that the CO2 is being used in a good way, that the carbon dioxide is being released into the environment in a safe way, or that there’s a carbon tax or carbon capture.”

Exelonia, however the company was lying, was not buying the argument.

“Our coal ash technology is a low-carbon technology and is currently being used by Exelonis’ energy and mining operations in an effort to reduce emissions from the production and consumption of coal,” the company wrote in a press release.

“The industry is committed to addressing the CO 2 impacts of coal burning and reducing the impacts of this dirty energy source through a multi-faceted approach,” it continued.

“Exelonis has made it clear that it will work with all stakeholders to ensure that the technology can be integrated into the overall energy portfolio of the company and is used responsibly and in compliance with all applicable laws.”

The SEC did not address the issue of whether Exeloniys coal ash could be used to store other fossil fuels as well.

And while it is a fact that coal is being burned to generate electricity in Exels’ operations, the company says that it does not intend to store any other fossil fuel, such as oil or gas.

The fact that the coal ash can be sold for storage and sold to other companies is not surprising.

That is a common practice, experts said.

Exelons coal ash would be used as part of a storage system, which would contain about 7 million tons of coal ash, which is more than three times the amount of coal that is stored in coal-fired power plants.

The EPA, meanwhile, said that Exell

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