How to clear your phone’s memory card in case of an emergency

An official letter from FIFA has urged fans to clear their memory cards before entering stadiums.

The letter comes on the heels of the tragic death of two fans in Portugal who died when their phone card failed to clear. 

The letter comes after the incident happened on Tuesday night.

The Portuguese fans who died were celebrating the club’s victory in the Champions League, which they had qualified for via a play-off defeat.

“We have reached the conclusion that the use of mobile devices in the stadiums can pose a risk of damage to personal data,” the FIFA executive committee said.

“As such, we urge all fans to immediately remove their mobile devices and not to use them inside stadiums, including the stadium itself.

It is important that the safety of the fans is maintained.”

The letter has already been received by FIFA’s executive committee, who will now decide whether to accept or reject the recommendations. 

There is no clear answer on whether the issue will be taken up by the International Association of Football Associations (IFA), which oversees football in South America, or FIFA itself. 

In the wake of the tragedy, the Brazilian government has ordered the use in the stadium of new technology that allows fans to see how their phones are being used and can also tell them if there are any security measures in place.

The measure will be deployed on Sunday and will be tested on Monday. 

FIFA also recently announced a new initiative, called Smartphones in Sports, which will be rolled out from February to March.

The initiative will see fans who are not allowed to use their mobile phones at all be allowed to have a “smart phone” that has been fitted with sensors to measure their movements, heart rate and temperature.

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