A new system that provides medical care for people who are blind or have disabilities will be implemented in the next two weeks

Health Canada has approved a system that will allow individuals with physical disabilities to access health care information for free, a move that comes as Canada prepares to implement an interim system that allows people with disabilities to receive access to medical care in their home.

The decision comes as a major overhaul of Canada’s health-care system is underway.

Health Canada is proposing a new system called “the Internet of Things” that will enable Canadians to access medical care information online, through devices that use wireless technology and sensors.

The new system will also allow people with physical and cognitive disabilities to interact with a “multi-user system,” the Department of Health said in a release Monday.

The new system is expected to be completed by early fall.

Currently, Canadians are able to access care information through the Health Canada system through a series of portal websites, such as HealthLink.

However, individuals with a physical disability, such like those with epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, are more likely to need to visit a clinic for services, which is where they need to be connected to the internet.

“In Canada, most people with a disability cannot access health information from an accessible online portal,” Health Canada said.

“This new system allows people who have a physical or cognitive disability to access information directly from their devices through an integrated portal that enables them to access any health information, including medical, prescription, health history, and other information.”

The new portal will be accessible to anyone who has a device that can communicate with a wireless device.

Individuals who can’t use their devices will be able to sign up for the portal through a website that Health Canada says can be accessed online in two weeks.

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