The ‘The Bachelor’ star reveals what she’s been up to after her rehab stint

A former Bachelor contestant says she’s finally back to being the “toughest woman on the show” after a stint in rehab.

Tiffany O’Neal was part of the season 14 finale on the ABC show and she opened up about her rehab experience and her thoughts on the Bachelor franchise.

The 34-year-old has been in rehab for three months after undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia.

“I’ve been so thankful,” she told MTV News.

“I feel like I have a life, a family, a lot of friends.

I feel like everyone I knew has changed.

I’ve been on a rollercoaster and I’m back to the people I love.”

She went on to say she still loves to hang out with her ex-boyfriend, and is still in touch with him after the season ended.

“The Bachelor” season 14 was the last season for O’Neals, who was on season 13.

She was replaced by Blake Anderson, who made the switch from “The Bachelor.”

She said she’s not looking back on the experience, but is hoping to find a way to find happiness in the future.

“It’s a relief because I can go to work and feel like a normal person,” she said.

“It’s like being a little bit older, you know?”

She added she hopes to return to the show for season 15.

“But I want to be able to go back to that person that I am,” she continued.

“That’s my goal.”

Watch the latest episode of “The Bachelorette” below.

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